Iā€™m Andy. I live in Bucharest, where I build quality software and aim to help make the web a bit better.

I am a software developer who enjoys simplicity and intuitive logic. I am passionate about the craft of writing quality code, that not only runs well but is also easy to follow and read.

šŸ’…šŸ¼ On the Frontend I have used React and its ecosystem for many years and built great apps with it. I like to combine it with Typescript and test it with Jest, TestingLibrary and Enzyme to increase code quality and confidence.

šŸ”™ On the Backend I tend to prefer Node, GraphQl, Mongo with Docker, but I like learning new stuff, so sometimes I find ways to play with Python and GO.

āš™ļø I see the value of managing microservices in both multi or monorepos (using tools such as Lerna), depending on the project size and structure.

I helped write apps with implementation in various sectors, such as blockchain, telecom, social media, and digital forensics. Also, I collaborated with a wide range of companies of many sizes and corporate cultures, ranging from startups to big tech giants such as Facebook.

I do care about the people I work with and share time with, so I am actively involved in providing support and feedback to those around me, as well as requesting and accepting feedback myself. I see it as a straight line to growth.